A Michelin-starred Burger is Touring Italy

If one of the major reasons you selected Italy as your holiday destination of choice was the decadent Italian cuisine that the country is famous for then get yourself to BurBaCa in Rome to sample a newly arrived burger invented and prepared by Michelin-starred chefs Valentino Marcattili and Massimiliano Mascia, who own Ristorante San Domenico in Imola (near Bologna).

Burger.jpgThe sandwich, called Panino Hamarcord San Domenico, is made with 100% Italian meat from CLAI Gourmet (a luxury salami company) to a unique recipe that only uses the finest natural ingredients, including a splash of fine wine from Emilia Romagna. The burger is topped with Squacquerone cheese, which is similar to mozzarella, and served with fresh spinach and toasted sesame seeds to create a unique blend of flavours.

After its stop in Rome, the gourmet burger will be showcased at seven other Italian cities, with the aim of highlighting the tradition and history of cuisine (especially salami) from Imola.

Where: BurBaCa on Via del Porto Fluviale, 5 (in the Ostiense district)

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