April Festivals & Events in Italy

Festivals are held throughout the year in Italy, with plenty of events to choose from, including religious festivals, food and wine events, and athletic fixtures. Of all the seasons, the spring festivals are among our favourites as this is a time when Italy starts to come in to bloom, with celebrations ranging from wine festivals in Verona to birthday celebrations in Rome.


Rome Marathon: April 2nd 2017

The 2017 Rome Marathon (Maratona di Roma) will take place in central Rome on April 2nd, marking the 23rd anniversary of the event.

The race will start from Via dei Fori Imperiali at 8.40am and follows a 42km loop through the city, with the finish line also at Via dei Fori Imperiali. The race course largely follows the Tiber River and takes runners through some of Rome’s most iconic streets and squares, including Piazza Cavour, Piazza Navona, Via del Corso, Piazza del Popolo, Piazza di Spagna and Via Nazionale.

As well as the marathon, there will also be a non-competitive Fun Run, with an expected 80,000 runners who will follow a 4km route that starts at Via Cavour and ends at Via dei Fori Imperiali.


Vinitaly in Verona: April 9th to 12th 2017

Vinitaly is hosted annually at Veronafiere, and this year’s edition is the 51st anniversary of what is now one of the world’s largest wine exhibitions.

As well as exhibits featuring fine wines from some of the best producers around the world, there will also be a number of themed talks and events, including an area dedicated to organic vineyards and the new wine regulations. Sol&Agrifood will also be cooking at Goloso Restaurant, giving visitors the opportunity to sample traditional Italian cuisine and learn more about Sol&Agrifood’s passion for home-grown produce.

During the festival, the Vinitaly International Awards, which were voted on by a jury in March, will also be presented, with awards including “Label of the Year”, “Best Packaging” and “Best Coordinated Image”, making this festival the perfect event for wine connoisseurs.


Scoppio del Carro Fireworks in Florence: April 16th 2017

Scoppio del Carro literally translates as “explosion of the cart” and is an annual folk festival in Florence that is celebrated on Easter Sunday with an epic firework display.

As a part of the festival, a large antique cart packed with fireworks is pulled through the streets of Florence from Porta al Prato to the Piazza del Duomo, followed by around 150 people in period dress. Once at the cathedral, the cart is then lit in a wonderful display of pyrotechnics that even includes a flying mechanical dove!

Today, a vibrant Scoppio del Carro is considered to guarantee a good harvest, good business and a good life for all those that live in Florence, and the festival dates back to the 15th century, although it may have roots stretching back to the 11th century.


Rome’s Birthday Celebrations: April 21st 2017

This year, Rome celebrates its 2770th birthday!

While we all know the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, Romans typically celebrate the city’s birthday annually on April 21st, honouring the capital’s construction under Romulus, dating back to 753 BC.

As a part of the celebrations, Aventine Hill is decorated with torches and there is a wonderful firework display, as well as mock Gladiator battles, vibrant street parades and special meals. This is a particularly wonderful time to visit the Eternal City, not only because of the fun and festive atmosphere, but also because the museums and city parks are all free to enter on the day.


Italian Liberation Day & St Mark’s Day: April 25th 2017

Italian Liberation Day (Festa della Liberazione) is celebrated annually on April 25th and is a national holiday commemorating the end of the Italian Civil War in 1945. The liberation put an end to the fascist dictatorship that had ruled in Italy and set in motion the events that then led to the creation of the Italian Republic in 1946 and the Constitution of Italy in 1948.

April 25th is also St Mark’s Day, which honours Venice’s patron saint. During this festival, which is also known as The Feast of St Mark (La Festa di San Marco), there is a gondola boat race in central Venice, with professional gondoliers competing in the Regata di Traghetti (along with their passengers)! There are also several concerts to enjoy on St Mark’s Day in Venice, as well as markets and street parades. Note, however, that as St Mark’s Day is a holiday in Venice, many business do close to enjoy the festivities.


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