Discovering Milan’s Canals on a Venetian Gondola

A unique gondola tour is now being offered on the Naviglio Grande canal in Milan, giving visitors the chance to explore the romantic face of the city.

While Milan is known for its fashion district and chic, modern city vibe, it is also home to some dreamy architecture that can now be enjoyed on a romantic gondola ride on the Naviglio Grande canal.

Thanks to the efforts of Umberto Pagotto – a Milanese insurer turned gondolier – visitors to Milan can ride in an authentic Venetian gondola and see beautiful architecture from different periods, including the little-known Church of San Cristoforo and its 15th-century bell tower. The church was once considered by boatmen as a kind of lighthouse, indicating their proximity to Milan as they arrived from the Ticino River.

This unique tour has become increasingly popular, partly due to a collaboration with the Around Richard Association, which was founded to bring together creative people, traders and artisans to relaunch and enhance activities in Milan – specifically in the region between the railway bridge and the green-tinted mobile bridge that, in the years when the porcelain factory was operational, served as a direct connection to the tracks for the shipping of goods.

The tour also allows visitors to take in a different perspective of the iconic Duomo – a true treat if you are visiting Milan on one of our tailored Italy holidays.

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