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These days, holiday time is precious and recent times have seen the growing popularity of multi-centre holidays, whereby holiday-makers visit two, three or even four cities in one trip. At Bellarome, we specialize in multi-centre holidays but you don’t need to limit yourself only to cities within Italy – we also offer trips that include other European cities, including those in the UK, France and Croatia. But which cities work well together as part of a Europe multi-centre holiday and how can you conveniently travel between countries? This blog will give you some essential information about holidaying in Europe.

Which cities should you visit?

This is really up to you as a multi-centre holiday can be arranged with visits to any cities within Europe that you wish to see. However, there are certain combinations of cities that work well from a logistical point of view (good train links or flight options) and also from an experiential aspect. Here are a few examples:

Rome, Paris and London
This combination works well if you want to see a selection of Europe’s most vibrant and cultural cities, and Europe’s efficient transport network means you have several options, including direct trains, ferries and flights. Rome was once the centre of one of the globe’s greatest civilisations and there is a magnitude of cultural things to see in the city, including the Colosseum, Vatican City, the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. Meanwhile, Paris brings an artistic and romantic flair to this multi-centre trip, with its traditional markets, boutique shops and endless cafés. There is also, of course, the famous Eiffel Tower. Finally, London’s vibrancy brings the vacation to life with the cosmopolitan vibe of Notting Hill, the majesty of The Strand and plenty of lush green parks to relax in.

Lyon, Geneva and Lake Como
These cities work well together for a winter holiday or if you are looking to relax in natural surroundings and a good option is to hire a car so that you can travel between cities with ease. Lyon in France is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and in early December the city hosts the Festival of Lights, with impressive large-scale light shows that light up the winter skyline. Meanwhile, Switzerland is famous for its mountainous terrain, woodland lakes, stunning natural scenery and quality of life, and Geneva, in particular, is well-regarded for its culture and beauty. Geneva is perfectly complimented by a trip to Lake Como in north Italy, which has been made famous thanks to its popularity with celebrities. And it’s no wonder they flock there for rest and rejuvenation as the woodland backdrop to the lake creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity.

Venice and Paris
If you’re looking for a romantic getaway then it couldn’t get much better than a twin-centre holiday to Venice and Paris, and this would be the perfect trip for a special occasion, such as an anniversary, honeymoon or for an engagement. There is a seasonal train that connects Venice with Paris and, conveniently, overnight trains are available, meaning that you can fall asleep in Italy and wake up in France! Thanks to Italy’s excellent rail network, it is also easy to visit other cities on your holiday, including Milan, Verona and the Italian Lakes.

Zagreb, Zürich and Rome
Croatia has gained popularity as a tourist destination and it boasts some of the most beautiful natural scenery, including lush parks and dreamy waterfalls. Because of its location, Croatia represents a blend of cultural spheres, with influences from the East and West, and Zagreb is rich in Roman history making it the perfect Croatian city to combine with a holiday to Italy if you have an interest in Roman history and architecture. Here, we’ve suggested Rome as a good choice for your Croatia and Italy multi-centre holiday, along with a stop in Zürich, which was founded by the Romans and is home to a stunning Roman castle, as well as an Imperial Palace.

Here, we’ve just given a few suggestions for multi-centre holidays in Europe but, really, the combinations are endless! If you are interested in a multi-city vacation in Europe, then we can create a personalized holiday quote that fits your requirements. Contact a member of our team today for more information: call us on (UK) 01223 637331 or (US) 1-347-594-5500, or fill in our online enquiry form.

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