Food Tours through Italy

If you’re a foodie then Italy is one of the best countries to visit as it is the home of some of the most recognized and celebrated dishes worldwide, including pizza, pasta, risotto, gnocchi, tiramisu and much more!


If you’re thinking about a vacation in Italy then why not combine a holiday with your passion for fine cuisine? Bellarome are specialists in tailor-made vacations and we can put together a food tour in Italy that mixes culture and beautiful sights with fragrant Italian food. Here are some of our favourite multi-centre combinations for foodies:


Rome and Sorrento

Pasta is at the heart of Roman cuisine and one of the most famous dishes from the Lazio region is spaghetti alla carbonara, which sees al dente spaghetti pasta draped in a sauce made with pancetta, cheese and eggs. Note that, while versions of carbonara outside of Italy add cream, the original lacks this and so is much lighter. Another dish to look out for in Rome is carciofi alla Romana, which literally means “roman-style artichokes”. They are made with globe artichokes, which are flavoured with lemon and stuffed with Mediterranean herbs, and you will most likely find them in Rome in the spring time.


As well as the food, Rome has much more to delight you during your vacation in Italy, including the epic Colosseum, the Roman Forum, Vatican City, the Trevi Fountain, Villa Borghese and much, much more! You can also enjoy trips to the Roman countryside as well as cooking classes in the traditional Roman house, where you can learn the secrets of Italian cooking.


Sorrento is in the south of Italy and is famous for its lemon groves – the fruits of which are used to make the Italian liqueur, limoncello. Being close to Naples (the home of pizza), Sorrento has such fantastic pizzerias that have wood-burning ovens to give that authentic taste of Italy. We love Pizzeria Da Franco, which is an authentic and fuss-free pizzeria in the heart of Sorrento’s bustling centre. Don’t be put off by the plastic cutlery – the pizzas here are some of the best in Italy!


Bologna and Florence

Bologna is affectionately known in Italy as La Grassa, meaning “the fat one”, due to its love affair with good food. The city is the birthplace of tortellini, mortadella and, of course, Bolognese sauce, which are all must-tries while you’re in the city. Other local favourites are cotolettine, which is fried and breaded meat, and crescentine, which is a puffy focaccia-like bread that is often served with cold meat.


Whilst in Bologna, we highly recommend having a look round one of the local food markets as they are a great place to buy gifts and you can also enjoy cooking classes in the city.


Florence is one of our favourite places in Italy – it is a beautiful city to simply walk around and you can also visit the Accademia Gallery, where you’ll find the statue of David, and the world famous Uffizi Gallery, which is home to some of Italy’s finest masterpieces.


The city is also home to some of the best restaurants in Tuscany and of course you must try some of the local wine whilst on vacation! Dishes to look out for are fegatini, which is a creamy chicken-liver spread, and ribollita, which is minestrone thickened with bread and beans and swirled with extra-virgin olive oil. We also highly recommend ordering spinaci as a side dish, which is wilted spinach fried with garlic and chili.


Venice and Lake Garda

If you’re planning a romantic vacation then we highly recommend combining Venice and Lake Garda. The food in the north of Italy is quite different to that found in the south and there is more of an emphasis on grains other than pasta, such as rice and corn. And that can’t be a bad thing as Russell Norman, who owns Polpo in London, referred to Venice as “one of the world's best destinations for food lovers”.


After enjoying a gondola ride down the Grand Canal in Venice, why not rejuvenate over a glass of ombra (a small wine) with bacari at one of Venice’s bars. Bacari are snacks, a little like tapas, and include dishes like pork meatballs, oysters, fresh fish (sometimes served raw) and small sandwiches with boiled beef sausages. Other dishes to try whilst in Venice are freshly cooked polenta and bigoli, which is a type of Venetian fresh pasta.


Lake Garda is the largest of the Italian lakes and there are plenty of lake-side restaurants to enjoy for a romantic meal. If you’re staying in Desenzano del Garda then we recommend Ristorante Esplanade, which serves some imaginative and beautifully presented dishes with lovely views of the lake. Fish is a feature on the menu around Lake Garda and at many restaurants you can get white fish, which is sourced from the great lake, as well as seafood and olives picked from the groves around Garda.



There are of course many other places to visit in Italy for great food – if you are interested in a food tour of Italy and would like us to put together a tailor-made vacation package for you then contact a member of our team on (UK) 01223 637331 or (US) 1-347-594-5500, or click here to send an online enquiry.

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