Guerre Stellari: Play! - The New Star Wars Exhibition in Rome

Guerre Stellari: Play!, an exhibition dedicated to the famous Star Wars saga, is coming to Rome and will be on show at the Vittoriano (on Piazza Venezia) from 28th October 2016 until 29th January 2017.

Star wars.jpg

This exhibition, which displays a private collection of memorabilia from Fabrizio Modina, is the ultimate treat for any Star Wars fan as it traces the cinematographic history of the film and its famous characters that have captivated us for decades. The exhibition has previously been on show in Treviso and Jesolo, where it was a huge success, and now it is Rome's turn to enjoy this themed exhibition. 

There are more than 1000 pieces on display in the Guerre Stellari. Play! show, featuring models, toys, costumes, action figures and vintage prints that have been collected over many years by Modina, who is known as one of the most famous science fiction memorabilia collectors in the world. His collection spans over 6000 pieces, including rare figures from Star Wars, the Marvel Super Heroes and the Japanese Super Robot.

Thanks to Guerre Stellari: Play!, visitors to the exhibition in Rome can enjoy vintage pieces and relive the excitement of the saga through this ultimate collection.

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