Halloween in Italy

Halloween is fast approaching and, if you’re going to Italy this October, then you may be wondering how the Italians “celebrate” Halloween.

As with many European countries, Halloween has steadily been gaining popularity over the years and is becoming almost as popular as the Italian celebration of Carnevale, which takes place before lent and is a time when Italians dress up and play tricks on one another.

The culture of Halloween in Italy has largely been inspired through American films and TV and so the theme is similar to the USA and UK, with dress-up and trick-or-treating. This has created some concern amongst religious circles in Italy, who worry that, due to the proximity in time of Halloween to Italy’s All Saints and All Souls Days (which take place on November 1st and 2nd, respectively), this time to remember the dead with respect will eventually be seen as a time for silliness and parties.

That said, Italians don’t typically see Halloween as a time to remember their dead – All Souls Day still holds that honour, and has done for some 1000 years. Instead, Italians see Halloween as simply a time to celebrate and, as it has continued to grow in popularity, there are now plenty of stores in Italy selling Halloween costumes, make-up, themed candles and decorations. It is also now normal for some schools to have a small trick-or-treat session during the day and lots of young people hold fancy-dress parties too.

As time goes on, we’re sure that Halloween will become more popular but, even today, you can be sure that there will certainly be themed parties and that Italian festive spirit to enjoy if you visit Italy over Halloween.

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