How to See More Than One Region in Italy on Holiday

If you are looking to enjoy more than one region of Italy on holiday, you have two basic options:

  • plan to take more than one holiday; or
  • arrange a two or multi centre holiday.

Unfortunately, there are very few of us who are able to take more than one main holiday a year, so if you want to pay visits to more than one region of Italy, you are faced with the prospect of having to wait at least a year until you are able to make just two trips.

The second option is considerably easier and allows you to effectively take at least two holidays in one. Twin and multi centre holidays to Italy are a particular specialisation of ours here at Bellarome so let us tell you more!


Why see more than one region?

Italy multi centre holidays have the appeal of offering a considerably wider scope with which you can explore and savour different parts of an especially diverse country.

If you were in any doubt about the richness and diversity of the country’s people, places, culture and history, a visit to the official Italian National Tourist Board may become an excellent way of researching the many distinctive characteristics that Italy has to offer.

A multi centre holiday allows you to:

  • see and do more;
  • make just a single flight to Italy for two holidays in one, rather than facing the expense of flights to and from the country whenever you want to visit; and
  • stay closer to the locations and activities you especially want to enjoy – rather than having to travel potentially long distances from a single holiday base.


How to arrange it

Our website offers a wide selection of twin and multi centre holidays – although we also have the flexibility and creativity to tailor a holiday to meet your individual requirements, so that you get to see and to stay in those regions you especially want to know.

Through an online visit to Bellarome, you can research practically any destination in Italy, mixing and matching the multi centres to include in your holiday itinerary. Still online, you can contact us with any queries or questions, request a quote or chat to one of our online advisers using the “Chat Now” feature. After we’ve considered all your individual preferences, we will create a personalised holiday brochure just for you, featuring the resorts in Italy that you want to visit.

In short, we can take care of all your vacation arrangements on your behalf. That includes the travel arrangements you need for getting to Italy and for transferring from one holiday centre to another, the accommodation you need whilst you are there and all the activities in which you want to indulge whilst in the country.

If you are planning a holiday in Italy, simply tell us what you want from your trip and the budget you are working to and we will arrange a tailor-made package in which we aim to meet all your individual requirements. Unlike other travel sites, we create your holiday to meet your needs, rather than offering fixed packages to which you have to often forgo your own holiday wishes and needs. Contact a member of our expert travel team today on (UK) 01223 637331 or (US) 1-347-594-5500 and begin your dream journey through Italy today!

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