Italy Breaks the Record for the Longest Tiramisu in the World

Mission accomplished: pastry chefs in Italy have broken the Guinness World Record and created the world’s longest tiramisu, measuring 266 metres!

cooking-class2.jpgLife can hold little distinction, but pastry chefs in Villesse (near Gorizia in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of Italy) have outdone themselves and created the world’s longest tiramisu.

Well, why not?!


Italy's record-breaking tiramisu

More than 30 pastry chefs were involved in the effort, requiring over 420 individual trays of handmade tiramisu, which were assembled together and placed along an impressively long table in the Tiare Shopping Centre.

A team of judges from Guinness World Record were there to witness the event and measured the tiramisu at 266 metres in length – the longest tiramisu ever recorded.

Mirko Ricci, who organised the event, reported that 400 kg of mascarpone cheese was required, along with 400 kg of cream, 48,000 ladyfinger biscuits, 420 litres of coffee, 200 kg of sugar, 3,000 eggs and 47 litres of marsala. The record-breaking cake was the typical four layers, with a height of 8 cm and a width of 15 cm – in accordance with the Guinness regulations.

Do we need any more proof that Italians take their food really seriously?!

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