Italy's wine harvest overtakes France

Thanks to an extraordinary summer, this year’s grape harvest in Italy has been exceptional in terms of both quality and quantity. Just under 49 million hectolitres of wine has been produced, meaning that Italy has overtaken France in terms of exports. However, wine experts in Italy have warned that there is still much to do to improve the Italian presence both at home and abroad.

With over 500 grape varieties and a wine industry worth well in excess of €5 billion a year, Italy has long been considered the home of fine wine. This year, out-doing both France and Spain, Italy’s wine production has topped the list in Europe and it is anticipated that this will lead to an increase in wine sales both at home and abroad.

The industry has been greatly assisted by a rise in the popularity of Prosecco and 2014 saw production of this sparkling wine grow by nearly 27% compared to 2013, meaning just over 199 million bottles of Prosecco were sold worldwide, 55 million of which were sold in the UK. The growth in production was supported by an increase in grape-growing regions, which now spread from the hills of Treviso to Friuli.

Italian wine is surely some of the best in the world so we at Bellarome are delighted to see this industry strengthening and look forward to sampling some 2015 wine!

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