Lucca’s Best Restaurants

Lucca is a charming walled city in the heart of Tuscany and is an up-and-coming holiday destination thanks to its friendly atmosphere, boutique and designer shops, and authentic restaurants. It’s a great choice for an active holiday in Italy as it has pedestrianised ancient walls that enclose the city, where you can enjoy walking in the sunshine, jogging or cycling. The city also has some lovely restaurants, where you can enjoy typical Tuscan food.

If you’re planning a vacation to Lucca, here is our guide to some of the best restaurants in the city.


For a special meal

If you would like to plan a special meal while in Lucca, perhaps for an anniversary or birthday, then we love Ristorante Giglio, which sits just off Piazza Napoleone on Piazza del Giglio. It has a refined atmosphere, beautifully presented food and well-trained service staff, and is well known for its steak. However, this restaurant is perhaps not a great choice during the Lucca Summer Festival as it is just steps from the stage, meaning that the square gets very busy and noisy in the evenings! Instead, head for Ristorante Mecenate on Via del Fosso (not far from Hotel Ilaria). It has an elegant yet authentic atmosphere and is family run, giving a friendly feel. They are best known for their rabbit and steak dishes, but also serve some delightful pasta dishes, such as tagliatelle.


For Tuscan favourites

Lucca is known for its tasty spelt and bean soup, which you’ll see on the menu as “zuppa di farro” (farro means spelt). It’s a local favourite and well worth a try if you’re visiting the city, especially during the cooler months. Nearly every restaurant serves its own version of the soup and some are definitely better than others! Our favourite was from L'Oste di Lucca on Corte Compagni (off Via Fillungo).

We also love Osteria San Giorgio on Via San Giorgio. It also serves zuppa di farro, and also delights diners with its revered tortelli alla lucchese, which are tortellini in a flavourful ragu, and the cod served with chickpeas, which is another local favourite.


For a light bite

For grabbing lunch on the go or a casual meal, head for Pappappero on Via della Fratta. It specialises in piadinas, which are a type of Italian flatbread. A range of fillings is available, including grilled Mediterranean vegetables, cheese, mashed potato and mushrooms, and a selection of Italian meats, such as ham. You can even get one filled with Nutella!

Alternatively, stop by nearly any café for a fresh panino – popular fillings include ham and cheese, mozzarella and tomatoes, or tuna and salad.


For pizza

There are two pizzerias in Lucca that we would like to recommend: one casual take-away/diner and another with a pretty garden terrace where you can enjoy a sit-down meal.

Pizzeria Sbragia is in the centre of town on Via Fillungo and is an authentic pizzeria with a wood-fired oven. It has a very casual atmosphere – as most authentic pizzerias do – but it does fantastic pizza, making it a great choice for a casual lunch or stop in to take a pizza away to enjoy as an impromptu picnic on Lucca’s ancient walls.

For somewhere that you can enjoy a sit-down evening meal, head for Mara Meo on Piazza San Francesco for some of the best pizza in town. The restaurant looks deceptively small from the outside but opens out into a large garden terrace, which is divine for enjoying pizza during the summer months. It still maintains its authenticity as a pizzeria with an informal atmosphere and of course has a wood-fired oven, but also brings casual elegance that we’re sure you will enjoy.


If you’ve booked a holiday package with us and would like us to reserve a table for you at a local restaurant, please contact your travel expert or call a member of our team on (UK) 01223 637 331 or (US) 1-347-594-5500. Alternatively, to find out more about out Lucca vacations, click here.

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