Nine Secret Italian Holiday Destinations in 2018

With the abundance of Italian holiday destinations to explore, some of Italy’s more secretive spots sometimes end up rarely seen. Despite their enamouring beauty, these humble destinations are often overshadowed by the more popular locations. Whether you're looking for picturesque villages with weaving cobblestone lanes or local culture with a deep history, each village overflows with charm.

The breath-taking features each village offers are sure to delight any visitor; from sun-soaked islands, aromatic vineyards and historical landmarks, Italy’s natural beauty is sure to charm. So, if you're searching for the finest natural beauty Italy has to offer, look no further this list for your next Italian holiday destination.


1) Tellaro, Liguria

On the East coast of the Gulf of La Spezia in Liguria lies the charming Italian fishing village of Tellaro. Away from the tourist bustle often found in the nearby villages of Cinque Terre, this Italian holiday destination offers a respite only a few miles down the Ligurian coast.

The pastel-coloured buildings of Tellaro sit atop a cliff where they oversee the beauty of Italy’s Ligurian Sea. This tranquil scene is perfect for anyone searching for a place to relax and soak in the soothing Italian atmosphere.


2) Pitigliano, Tuscany


South-east of the bustling Italian city Grosseto, approximately 50 miles away, is a medieval hill town with a rich history. Occasionally referred to as “the little Jerusalem”, the Italian holiday destination of Pitigliano was once home to a large Jewish community. Dating as far back as the early 13th-century, Pitigliano’s Italian history and origins can still be seen today.

Pitigliano’s synagogue has been restored along with several traditional bread ovens and a museum that celebrates the town’s rich history. Further cementing Pitigliano as an Italian holiday destination well worth seeing is the fascinating 14th-century religious monastery known as Palazzo Orsini. Housing an abundant collection of historical artefacts, Pitigliano’s Palazzo Orsini is a must-see historical sight for anyone travelling through Italy.


3) Procida, Campania

With less than 1.6 square miles of land, you’d be forgiven for giving this tiny island a pass; although, if you did, you’d miss the unforgettable Italian holiday destination of Procida. Part of the Phlegraean Islands in South Italy, Procida is known for its vibrant buildings and picture-perfect harbour. Dense with mesmerising moments, Procida stands out as a stunning, yet relatively unknown, Italian village.

Only a ferry ride from Naples, visitors who journey to this remarkable Italian holiday destination can spend their time either climbing the ancient hill of Terra Murata or simply taking in the view from the coast. The next time you find yourself visiting Italy’s Bay of Naples, be sure to stop by the island of Procida and absorb the picturesque scenery.


4) Chioggia, Veneto


Located in the Italian region of Veneto, Chioggia is a fishing port town that embraces the tranquil pace of life. Built around canals, Chioggia is an Italian holiday destination that offers a peaceful atmosphere and allows visitors to enjoy the Venetian Lagoon at their leisure.

The humble village of Chioggia distils Italy’s penchant for fishing to its purest form. With seafood restaurants lining the streets and a vibrant fishing markets to browse, Chioggia remains an Italian destination well-worth exploring.


5) Locorotondo, Apulia

In the region of Apulia, located in Southern Italy, lies one of the most beautiful villages in the country. As you walk through Locorotondo, you'll constantly reach for your camera to snap photos of the famous whitewashed cone-roofed Trulli houses, which are fairytale-like dwellings that date back to the 14th century.

Also known for its wine production, local Locorotondo vintages can be found in many restaurants and are not to be missed if you’re to make this your next Italian holiday destination.


6) Viterbo, Lazio


Simply a train ride from the Italian city of Rome lies the medieval walled town of Viterbo. Known for fascinating visitors with its stunning architecture, Viterbo showcases the ancient origins of Italy through its construction. A top attraction of this Italian holiday destination is the grand Papal Palace (Palazzo dei Papi), a historical site that dates back as far as the 13th century.

Viterbo remains as one of the best preserved medieval towns in central Italy, making it an Italian holiday destination for those that seek to explore the country’s rich history. While visiting Viterbo, be sure to enjoy the thermal baths, which have been enjoyed for centuries by locals and visitors alike.


7) Noto, Sicily

Italy’s finest Sicilian baroque architecture can be found in the elegant Italian holiday destination of Noto. Constructed during the early 18th century, the churches and palaces of Noto are admired for their distinct Italian style.

While in Noto, you can spend your time admiring the cream-coloured Italian architecture or simply treating yourself to an ice cream from one of the historic centre’s many ice-cream parlours. With its combination of exquisite historic architecture and immersive Italian culture, Noto is an Italian holiday destination not to be missed.


8) Spello, Umbria


Escape to Spello if you’re looking for a secret Italian holiday destination, as it is one of Italy’s less-travelled villages. Only a 15-minute drive from Assisi, Spello transports visitors to a place of history, enclosed by carefully preserved walls and serene Roman churches.

Spello also hosts the Italian cultural event known as Le Infiorate. This late-spring festival sees the town’s residents create murals made of flower petals and lay them throughout the town’s streets and piazzas. This incredible sight to behold easily makes Spello an unmissable Italian holiday destination for any traveller.


9) Bosa, Sardinia

As one of the most authentic towns in Italy, Bosa is an Italian holiday destination easily identified by its colourful ensemble of hillside houses. The rainbow-coloured houses of Bosa decorate this Italian riverfront town and beautifully contrast against the towering 12th-century castle.

When not making your way through the winding cobbled lanes of Bosa, visitors can spend their time savouring the local cuisine. This Italian holiday destination is filled with charming shops, winding cobblestone lanes and friendly locals ready to welcome visitors to this remarkable hilltop town.


We hope you have enjoyed this blog about secret Italian holiday destinations. If you have already visited Italy’s iconic towns and cities and would like to step off the beaten track on your next Italy holiday, why not call one of our travel experts to learn more about our tailor-made Italy holidays. Call us locally on 01223 637331 or, to send an online enquiry, please click here – we typically respond with a personalised quotation within 24 hours.

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