Palaces of Rome 2016

Special opening of some of Rome's most iconic palaces, with guided tours available.

Palazzo Altemps in Rome.jpgRome is home to some of the most stunning palaces in all of Italy, with several being private residences that have never before been open to the public. However, with a new initiative, there is to be a special opening of these palaces for guided visits that make for a particularly lovely day out, especially during the colder months in Rome when you may prefer to be inside!

The palaces involved in the initiative range in their architectural style, with examples from the Middle Ages through to the twentieth century, making a tour of the palaces a particular treat for those interested in Italian architecture, or those that simply enjoy beautiful buildings.

The available guided tours take you to a selection of palaces in chronological order, allowing visitors to appreciate the evolution of art and architecture in Rome, with styles including Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassical, Eclecticism and Liberty.

The palaces that can be visited are as follows:

  • Palazzo Mattei di Giove
  • Palazzo Capranica in Aquiro
  • Special opening of Palazzo Cesi Armellini in Borgo
  • Palace Cesi-Armellini
  • The gallery at Palazzo Muti Papazzurri
  • Palazzo della Rovere in Trevi
  • Palazzo Altemps
  • Pinturicchio at the Palazzo Della Rovere in the Borgo
  • The Campitelli Palaces and the Chapel
  • Palace of Sixtus V in Via di Parione and the roof garden
  • The private apartments of Ferrajoli Marches - a special and rare treat to see!
  • The Palace of Burchard
  • Palazzo Mattei di Paganica
  • The Palazzo De Carolis
  • The Palace of St Augustine

If you're visiting Rome in the final months of 2016 and would like to enjoy a guided visit to any, or indeed all, of these palaces, please do ask at your hotel reception for further information.

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