Places to visit in Tuscany

Tuscany is in central Italy and is well known for its beautiful landscapes, rich artistic legacy and vast influence on high culture. It is home to some of the prettiest vineyards and rolling green countryside, and some of Italy’s most beautiful cities, including Florence, can be found in this region, as well as six World Heritage Sites!

If you’ve planned a holiday to Tuscany then this blog post on places to visit and things to do in Tuscany is for you! Or perhaps it will inspire you to plan a vacation in Tuscany – contact a member of our friendly team for a customized holiday quote or visit our website for more inspiration.

Discover rare sea life on Elba Island
Elba Island is about 20 km from mainland Italy and falls within the province of Tuscany. It is the third largest island in Italy after Sicily and Sardinia, and is most famous as the home of Napoleon Bonaparte when he was exiled to the island. There is a ferry from the mainland, meaning it can be easily reached for a day trip or overnight stay. Besides being breathtakingly pretty, Elba offers many attractions, including an archaeological museum and Napoleon’s House. However, we have to recommend the popular underwater tour, which allows you to see some of the rare sea life in this region from the comfort of a large motor boat equipped with a sturdy glass floor.

See David at the Accademia Gallery in Florence
No trip to Florence would be complete without a visit to see the magnificent statue of David at the Accademia Gallery. The Bellarome staff have seen many, many photos of this famous statue, created by the celebrated Michelangelo, but truly nothing compares to seeing its magnificence in real life. If you’re particularly interested in art then we highly recommend a guided tour of the Accademia and Uffizi galleries as the extensive collections at, in particular, the Uffizi can be overwhelming!

Marvel at Pisa's Leaning Tower
Quite simply, this is a must-see. The Leaning Tower of Pisa (known as “Torre Pendente di Pisa” in Italian) is famous all over the world for its unintended tilt and it has become an icon of Italy. It is situated behind the Cathedral, causing it to seem like the Tower is peeking over the Cathedral’s shoulder! It’s a wonderful photo opportunity and you can also scale the Tower’s steps and be rewarded with panoramic views of the city.

Sip wine in the Chianti hills
Tuscany is famous as one of the finest wine-producing regions in Italy and wines from the Chianti hills are held in particularly high regard. The area is also thoroughly enchanting thanks to its mediaeval hill-towns, castles, stone farmhouses and breath-taking landscapes dotted with vineyards, olive groves and Romanesque churches. One excursion well worth booking in advance of your holiday is a wine-tasting tour of the Chianti region, which allows you to visit a wine estate and sample local wines and cheeses. Even if you’re not a big fan of wine, a tour such as this is worth it simply for the stunning views –particularly at sunset!

Experience the exhilarating Palio in Siena
Siena may be famous for its beautiful architecture and historic, magnificent cathedral, but for a day in the months of July and August, the city takes on a completely different personality with the famous Palio horse race. Il Palio, as it is known locally, is an exhilarating 90-second bareback race around Piazza del Campo, which is the main square in the city.

This traditional competition, which takes place annually, sees horses from the ten Siena districts compete with their riders for victory and the respect that winning this grand race ensures. Although the race takes just a minute or two, Siena comes alive for many more days surrounding the event, with music, parades and street parties cropping up all over the city – it’s a magical time to visit Siena.

There's plenty more to be enjoyed in Tuscany, such as quad biking, hot-air balloon rides, cooking classes and romantic night tours. If you have booked a holiday package with us and would like to add tours, contact your friendly representative today: call us on (UK) 01223 637331 or (US) 1-347-594-5500. Alternatively, if you've yet to book your vacation to Italy, allow us to put together a customized quote for you, which will be tailored to your requirements.

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