Prosecco: Italy’s Fashionable Fizz

While Champagne is perhaps the most famous celebration drink, Italian Prosecco has been becoming more and more popular in recent years – and not just as a base for the famous bellini cocktail! It is lighter, sweeter and more bubbly than Champagne, and can trace its roots back to the Roman Empire, when it was believed that drinking it promoted a long life.

It is a sparkling white wine that has traditionally been made in the Veneto region (home to Venice and Verona) from Glera grapes and its popularity has boomed over the last few years, even leading to concerns that the harvest couldn’t keep up with demands! And that’s no surprise as Prosecco outsold Champagne in 2013 and demand since then has continued to grow, with around 150 million bottles being produced annually.

But what is it about this Italian drink that has prompted its popularity? Well, without getting too bogged down in the science, the bubbles in Prosecco are larger than those in Champagne, which make it easier and perhaps more pleasurable to drink. Then there’s also the price: Prosecco is generally considered to be less “complex” than Champagne, it is also lower in alcohol and the fizz is created in a process than can be done in batch in a large steel tank, known as an autoclave, whereas for Champagne this process is more intimately performed in each bottle. These all contribute to a more competitive price, without compromising on quality. Furthermore, the Veneto region was granted special Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita (DOCG) status in 2010 for its Prosecco, which is mostly made in the Conegliano and Valdobbiadene areas. This quality assurance is used mainly for Italian wines and cheeses and is a guarantee of the product’s specifications, such as grapes grown in a specific region, as assessed through taste tests and laboratory analysis. This means that you can be sure your chilled Prosecco tastes as fresh and refined as you would expect!

As well as authentic Prosecco, Veneto is also home to stunning vineyards and rolling countryside scenes, as well as magical cities, including Venice and Verona. If you’re thinking about a romantic vacation to Italy, perhaps a honeymoon or special trip, we highly recommend a Prosecco-tasting tour in Veneto or a vacation combining the magic of Venice with a tour of the Veneto wine-making region, where you can sample fresh Prosecco. Contact us today if you would like a customised vacation quote with flights, transfers, accommodation and pre-arranged tours all arranged by one of our expert travel coordinators, allowing you to simply look forward to your holiday to Italy!

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