Recommended Tours to Enjoy in Rome

If you are planning to travel to Rome this summer, then you may be thinking of the attractions you want to see and which parts of the city you want to spend time in. Tours are a great way to ensure you see the best of Rome and learn the history of the city; however, there are hundreds of tours out there to choose from and it can be difficult deciding which is best for you. So, here is our guide to the best tours in Rome!


For a VIP service…

For a more personal experience, we highly recommend booking a private tour with a licensed tour guide. Private tours are available for all of the main attractions, including the Colosseum and Roman Forum and Vatican City, and allow you enjoy the sole attention of your guide, who will be able to tailor the tour to suit you – so you can go at your own pace and spend time seeing the bits you want to see. Also, on a private tour there is more opportunity to ask your guide questions.


For the iconic sights…

If you’re holidaying in Rome for the first time, then the Colosseum and Roman Forum are a must. Many tours that feature these sights also take you to Palatine Hill, which is the centremost of the Seven Hills of Rome, sitting 40 metres above the Roman Forum. It is one of the most ancient parts of Rome, with ancient temples and palaces, and it is now an open-air museum. If you want to go inside the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, be sure to request that when you book your tour as it is often the case that Colosseum and Roman Forum tours include entry only to the Colosseum.


For religion…

Whether you are a Catholic or not, Vatican City is surely a must-see on a city break in Rome. There are plenty of tours available, but if you would prefer to go alone we do recommend booking tickets in advance as the queues can get lengthy during the high season. If you do want to opt for a tour, then we recommend one that offers “skip the line” entry so that you can get started with your Vatican tour right away, avoiding entry queues. Choose your tour depending on how in-depth you want to go: basic tours will cover the main rooms at the Vatican Museums, where you can see rare art, and will also feature the Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica. However, if you want to go into more detail, opt for a tour that gives you special access and includes the Raffael rooms, Borgia apartments and the Carriages room.


For the classic sights…

There is much more to Rome than just the Colosseum and Vatican City, with famous squares, monuments and fountains to discover. We highly recommend either enjoying a tour of Rome’s classic sights or spending a day wandering the cobbled alleyways by yourself. Whether you book a tour or want to explore the sights alone, don’t miss:

  • Piazza del Popolo, the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain
  • Piazza Colonna, where you’ll find a stunning column erected by Marcus Aurelius
  • The Pantheon – step inside to see the open oculus in the domed ceiling
  • Piazza Navona, where you’ll find Bernini’s famous Fountain of the Four Rivers
  • Campo de’ Fiori, which is a more traditional Roman square


For families…

Rome is a great place for families, with “gladiators” in full dress outside the Colosseum ready to pose with you for photographs, and there are numerous family-friendly attractions, such as the Zoological Garden. If you have older children, then you can see the main sights in a fun way on a Segway or bicycle tour. Meanwhile, if you have younger children, then perhaps opt for CitySightseeing bus tour tickets – it’s an open-top bus with headphone commentary and you can hop on and off at the attractions that you want to see. It’s a great way to see the city if you have little ones with little legs and don’t want to do too much walking.


For romance…

For something a little more romantic, we recommend a night tour of the city. There’s nothing quite like the way that St Peter’s Basilica lights up at night and it creates a wonderfully romantic atmosphere around the historic city. Some night tours of Rome conclude with a decadent meal in a Roman restaurant, which we love as a finale to your romantic tour!

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