Reconstructed Colosseum elevator takes the public back in time

A lift that was used to bring wild animals, such as lions, into the arena of Rome’s Colosseum has been reconstructed.

The lift is one of 28 in the Flavian Amphitheatre and was recently unveiled by the Minister of National Heritage and Cultural Activities, Dario Franceschini, along with the Archaeological Superintendent of the Area of Rome, Francesco Prosperetti, and the Director of the Colosseum, Rossella Rea.

The lift was restored thanks to a collaboration between Francesco Prosperetti’s team and American Providence Pictures, who proposed the restoration in 2013 and financed the work as part of a documentary, called “Roman Colosseum: Death Trap”, which was directed by Gary Glassman. The elevator will now become a permanent exhibition at the Colosseum for the public to enjoy.

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