Rome's crackdown on crime

Sadly, tourists are a somewhat easy target for professional pickpockets and scam-artists working in holiday hotspots worldwide and having your wallet or camera stolen can turn a dream vacation into the holiday from hell. So, tourists and locals alike are rejoicing at the series of measures being brought in at Rome’s Termini train station by the Mayor, Ignazio Marino, which are aimed at banishing petty crime.

Effective from August, the measures include large billboards and videos to remind tourists to be vigilant of their belongings, platform barriers so that only passengers with tickets can enter and a greater number of police and Carabinieri patrolling the station inside and outside. Welcome changes indeed!

Safe travel tips:

  • Be aware of someone “helping” you to use an electronic ticket machine as they may ask for money. The ticket machines operate in several different languages and are easy to use. Politely refuse their assistance.
  • Be conscious of those around you and try not to flash your valuables, such a mobile phones, wallets and expensive jewelry.
  • Be savvy to fake porters at train stations, who may offer to carry your luggage to/from the train. They will likely request a tip. If you require assistance, ask a uniformed member of staff.
  • Be discrete - if you are unsure about where to go when you arrive at the station, look at a map before you get off the train. Studying a map in the middle of the station lets everybody know you’re a lost tourist.

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