Rome's Quirinal Hill rewrites history

The ruins of an ancient house, which dates back to the age of the Tarquin Kings, has been discovered on Quirinal Hill in Rome.

Excavation work in the heart of Rome, between Via Veneto and Piazza della Repubblica, unveiled the discovery of this rare house, which measures just 40 square meters. It was presented to the public by the Superintendent of Cultural Heritage of Rome, Francesco Prosperetti, together with the archaeologist in charge of the excavation, Mirella Serlorenzi, who said, “It is an exceptional find, among the most important of the last decade because it rewrites the history of the Rome of the Kings.” This is because the area around Quirinal Hill was considered by historians to have been uninhabited at the time of the Tarquin Kings. Consequently, this discovery suggests that ancient Rome spread further than was originally thought.

The archaeologist in charge has vowed to preserve this important historical site and it is anticipated that additional discoveries will be made with regards to ancient relics.

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