South American Tapir Born at Rome's Zoological Park

A baby South American tapir, also known as a Brazilian tapir, lowland tapir or anta, was born at Rome Bioparco on October 12th and has been named Staffello.

Tapir.jpgThe South American tapir is an endangered species that is native to the Amazon, and is one of the five types of tapir currently known to exist worldwide, the others being the Mountain tapir, the Malayan tapir, the Baird's tapir and the kabomani tapir.

The birth was confirmed by Bioparco president Federico Coccia, who said staff were delighted with Staffello's safe arrival, weighing in already at around 5 kg. The birth was the result of months of dedicated team work by staff at the zoo and specialist vets, and is a part of a European breeding program to try to secure numbers of endangered species.

The newborn is staying at the park with his parents, Jose and Elisabeth (shown in the image), as well as his brother, John, who was born at Bioparco in August last year.

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