The Best Panettone in Rome!

Christmas time in Italy wouldn't be the same without panettone but where can you find the best cakes in Rome?

Panettone is a type of sweet bread that is typically served around Christmas time in Italy and originates from the glitzy city of Milan.

Although it can be flavoured in several ways, including a rather decadent version with chocolate chips, the traditional cake is rich in dried fruits, including raisins and candied citrus fruits.

If you're visiting Rome over the Christmas or New Year period then traditional panettone makes a wonderful gift to buy for friends or family back home, or even as a gift to yourself to remind you of the delicious food you enjoyed on holiday! But where is the best place to buy panettone in Rome? Here are some of our favourite bakeries in Rome serving the traditional cake this holiday season.

Panettone is something of a craft in Italy and a good cake requires not only high-quality ingredients but also significant skill. That's why we love Forno Roscioli on Via dei Chiavari, who have one of the best chocolate panettone that we have every tried, with a full cake available for a very reasonable 20 €.

The head baker at Forno Roscioli is Mr Pierluigi, who credits the quality of his chocolate panettone to the use of several types of chocolate in the batter, including Valrhona Equatorial Ivoire. He also makes sure to use natural ingredients, such as real candied pears, rather than flavourings, thus ensuring an authentic taste.

We also love the Piedmont-style panettone served at Fratelli Marcucci on Ponte Milvio Square (at the corner with Via Cassia Antica), which are lower and wider than the panettone that you find elsewhere. The cakes served here are also a little cheaper than Forno Roscioli, at around 16 €.

Finally, we would also like to recommend Volpetti in Testaccio on Via Marmorata, which offers a style of panettone that will delight you if you have a sweet tooth as their handmade cake is a sweet sourdough. The bakers here use a traditional method, without any artificial preservatives, and leave the panettone to leaven for a staggering 40 hours! If you try this cake, then we love to warm it up a little before serving as this really seems to bring out the flavours. 

So, that's our guide to the best panettone in Rome. Now, who's ready to enjoy this unforgettable Christmas cake?


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