There is more to Italy than Rome

Think of Italy and you will inevitably think of Rome. The capital of the ancient world is high on the list of places to see during a holiday in the country, and if you get the chance you should certainly spend a night or two here.

However, Italy is much more than just Rome!

If you are planning a multicentre holiday in Italy, at Bellarome you will find a huge range of itineraries that will allow you to see more of the country.

First of all, there are plenty of cities other than Rome in Italy to visit, including:

  • Venice, one of the most romantic destinations in the world;
  • Florence, the centre of the Renaissance and home to countless treasures;
  • Milan, the fashion capital and the financial hub of the country;
  • Pisa, famous for its leaning tower and also home to many historic attractions, including its cathedral.

Or you could use Rome as your hub and explore towns and cities nearby, enjoying easy day trips to:

  • Tivoli, which is only 30 kilometres from Rome and is home to Hadrian's Villa and the Temple of Vesta;
  • Terracina, where you will find the historic Centro Storico and an excellent beach;
  • Ostia, a beach town only 15 kilometres from the capital where you can spend a day relaxing on the sand;
  • Viterbo, which is famous for its beautiful historic centre and its medieval walls.

Get out and see the countryside
Of course, you may not want to spend much time in cities at all. If that's the case, why not head up to the north of the country to explore the famous lakes?

Up near the border with Switzerland you will find stunning natural scenery that is very popular with visitors during the summer months. The main lakes here are Lake Lugano, Lake Como, Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore, but there are other smaller lakes such as Lake Iseo and Lake Orta.

There are many picturesque towns and villages on the lakes where you can stay, such as Como, Cernobbio and Bellagio, or you could visit the island of Comacina. Everywhere you go, you will find incredible architecture and stunning countryside, making it an ideal area to spend some of your holiday.

See one of the islands
If you want to see even more during your holiday in Italy, why not hop over to one of the big islands, such as Sicily or Sardinia?

You can easily travel across to either of these by plane, and you will find a completely different experience to mainland Italy if you want to spend a week here.

For example, in Sardinia you can see:

  • Cagliari, the capital of the island and famous for its Art Nouveau architecture and attractions, including the Sardinian Archaeological Museum;
  • Olbia, a town in the northeast, where you can see the Sa Testa holy well and La Maddalena island;
  • Alghero, a beach resort famous for its incredible beaches and tasty cuisine;
  • The Costa Smeralda, a long strip of coast that attracts many tourists every year to enjoy the perfect beaches and the golf.

Why stay in Rome?
With so much to see in Italy, there is no reason to limit yourself to Rome. Of course, Rome is a stunning city and a fantastic destination for a weekend break. But try to add at least one more destination to your itinerary and enjoy a fantastic holiday seeing more of Italy!

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