Top 10 Beach Resorts in Italy

If you're looking for a beach holiday this summer but don't want to spend your days fighting for your space on the sand then look no further than Italy! It has some of the most beautiful, off-the-tourist-radar beaches, as well as stunning coastal scenery and delicious Mediterranean cuisine, allowing you to relax and unwind with the locals.

Here we give our opinion of the top 10 seaside destinations in Italy.

1. Positano

There is just one word that comes to mind in describing Positano, which sits on the Amalfi Coast: stunning! And that's no exaggeration. The coast is adorned with pastel-coloured buildings and the warm Mediterranean waters are pristine blue.

Although Positano was once part of a major trade route during the Renaissance, today it is a quiet fishing village making it an idyllic location for holidaymakers wanting a relaxing break away from the crowds.

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2. Ravello

Sticking with the Amalfi Coast, Ravello claims the number 2 spot on our list. The town is actually poised high above the Bay of Salerno and this prime location yields stunning sea views that can relax even the most stressed holidaymaker!

It is most famous for its pretty gardens, Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone, which offer particularly lovely views of the bay in a fragrant and relaxing atmosphere.

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3. Capri

Close to Naples and Sorrento is the island of Capri, which is sometimes called the Pearl of the Mediterranean thanks to its crystal waters, warm climate and beautiful coastal views.

Although it can get quite busy during peak season, it is not hard to escape the crowds by taking the cable car up the coast. From here you can discover quaint gardens, pretty coastal walks and stunning sea views, including the Faraglioni (stacked rocks that protrude from the sea to create beautiful motifs). You can also enjoy a visit to the Blue Grotto, which is a costal cave that puts on a magical natural light display for visitors.

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4. Manarola

The Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera is home to five towns, one of which is Manarola. The village is built on a foundation of black rock and the colourful buildings that adorn the coast create a dramatic contrast with the natural scenery.

If lying on the beach isn't your thing, you can take a walk along the pretty marina promenade or take a boat cruise to one of the other Cinque Terre villages. There are also numerous walking and biking trails that link the villages, including some that you through hillside vineyards, where we can arrange tasting sessions for you.

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5. Porto Ercole

Tuscany isn't necessarily the location you would think of for a beach holiday. However, as well as the rolling hills of vineyards, the region is also home to a stretch of Italian coastline, which Porto Ercole happily sits on between Rome and Florence.

This little-known stretch of green coastline is certainly off the tourist map but there is still much to do, such as visiting the hilltop fortress known as Forte Filippo, taking in the sights at Forte Stella or lingering to take a photo of Porta di Porto Ercole. Or you could just relax on the beach.

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6. Venice Lido

The Venice Lido, which is a seven-mile strip of beach in Venice, became the first European bathing resort in the 1800s and it is said that Lord Byron was its first famous foreign tourist. It now attracts a wealth of famous faces and is known as a luxury destination thanks to its idyllic charm.

Although it is expensive to holiday in this region, the stunning beaches, beautiful views and quaint but luxurious beach huts warrant it a place on our lists at number 6.

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7. Portofino

Portofino is a small fishing village on the Italian Riviera and became famous in the C7D0175B-691C-45BA-9C7D-1B12DE5F6CFCs and ‘60s when movie stars like Humphrey Bogart, Clark Gable, Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren vacationed there. The town is still a star-studded destination to this day and attracts a variety of affluent tourists thanks to its relaxed atmosphere, pretty harbour and quaint town, which is made up of little streets leading up from the harbour with many shops, art galleries, cafes and restaurants.

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8. Aeolian Islands

Sicily's Aeolian Islands were formed many years ago by volcanic eruptions and there are a total of eight islands, the largest of which is Lipari. Despite being a lesser well-trod destination compared to the other larger Italian islands, there is still a wealth of sights and activities for visitors to enjoy, such as the fortress, castle, cathedral, thermal springs and skin-enriching mud baths.

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9. Cagliari

Sardinia is know for its beaches and its capital, Cagliari, boasts some particularly stunning resorts to tempt you. Not only does it offer pristine waters and sandy beaches, it also has some classic architecture to enjoy, as well as a wealth of shops, cafes and restaurants in which you can relax.

If that can't tempt you, then you may also be interested in Cagliari's wealth of wildlife, which can be enjoyed in one of the regions numerous parks or beaches. As an example, on Poetto Beach, holidaymakers are regularly joined by flamingos, which roam in the more marshy areas.

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10. Alghero

Staying with Sardinia for our final beach resort, we come to Alghero. The city feels a little different to other regions in Sardinia thanks to the Aragonese and Catalan take-overs in the Middle Ages and later, which give Alghero a distinctly Spanish feel. There are many whitewashed buildings with wrought iron scrollwork and other Spanish embellishments and it is the only place in Italy where a Catalan dialect is spoken.

The charm of Alghero, besides its beautiful beaches, is the quaint narrow streets that zig-zag through the old town and the “goat steps”, which lead to the Grotta di Nettuno - a cave, full of water pools, stalactites and stalagmites.

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