Top Tips on Choosing a Multi Centre Holiday

Choosing any kind of holiday in Italy is likely to put you in something of a conundrum. There is simply so much to do and see, it’s practically impossible to satisfy your own eager wishes and preferences – let alone those of others if you are travelling as a family or group.

That is where a multi centre holiday comes into its own. You have not just one, but two, three or more bases from which to explore the many and diverse treasures of what is a surprisingly large country. You are not limited to just one city or location, but can use a number of different centres offering their own unique themes and opportunities.

Italy multi centre holidays are our strength and passion here at Bellarome, so let’s take a look at just a few of the cities and locations from which you can mix and match to tailor a multi-faceted holiday that suits you best.




If you have never been to Italy before – or even if you are an old hand for that matter – the capital, Rome, is unlikely ever to disappoint.

Known as the eternal city, Rome was the cradle of the mighty Roman Empire and it is still a treasure trove of buildings, monuments and galleries that bring that illustrious past to life again today. Some of the sites are truly iconic – the stunning Colosseum, for example – whilst others may be less well known, but no less awesome for all that.

The Fontana dell’Acqua Paola near the Janiculum Hill, for instance, may be less well known but this 17th century sculpture still dominates a panoramic terrace from which the visitor can see the whole of Rome spread out at their feet.




In a single visit to Florence you can transport yourself back to the very birth of the Renaissance.

Many parts of the city still look pretty much as they did at the time and it is with very good reason that it is described as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It remains the home for many of the works of the Renaissance age and has numerous galleries that you can explore. Who has not heard or seen pictures, for example, of Michelangelo’s statue of David? Visit the world renowned Accademia Gallery and you can get up close, not only with Michelangelo’s David, but other iconic works by great masters such as Giambologna and Botticelli.




Venice – the floating city – has been described as a magical place for the full 365 days a year, although spring and autumn may be among the best times to visit, after the many thousands of summer visitors have left.

With its maze of mysterious canals and quiet backwaters, sleepier and less explored byways of the city can be found around practically any corner and give you the chance to escape the bustling crowds whenever you go. Or bring any classic film clip of the city to life by taking your own private gondola ride through those very same canals.

You are unlikely to be stuck for ideas for you holiday in Venice, but to give your imagination and itchy feet an initial boost, visit the city’s official tourist information site for itineraries and events in and around Venice itself.


We specialise in tailor-made holidays to Italy and have a wide selection of multi centre holidays to choose from. If you would like to find out more about our personalised service and custom-made holidays, please visit the dedicated page on our website.

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