Visit Italian Filming Locations

There is probably nothing like a good film to give you a good sense of the character and “feel” of a country. And there is probably nothing quite like visiting the location or locations at which the film was shot to really get behind the scenery, character, culture, smells and tastes of the place.

When film makers come to choose their locations, it is hardly surprising that the choice so often falls to Italy – whether in the cities, in the countryside, by the lakes, or on the coast, there always seems to be a cinematic backdrop to give some historical or architectural interest or simply the distinctly Italian way of life.

Italy even has its own international film festival in Venice, now into its 74th year, where film buffs are able to judge a wide range of works from around the world – and that is why, here at Bellarome, we include the Venice festival in a number of our multi centre holidays.

But what are some of the film sets you might walk onto during any such visit to Italy? Here is a selection of six:


1. Ben Hur

  • Thanks to the timelessness of the eternal city of Rome and that most iconic of landmarks, the Colosseum, you can see for yourself the centre of all in the action, not just in one, but in three versions of Ben Hur.


2. Death in Venice

  • This classic of 1971 features beautiful scenes of Venice and visiting the city means you can follow the footsteps of its star Dirk Bogarde.


3. The Tourist


4. The Italian Job

  • A classically British caper filmed entirely on location in Italy – of course – with some of the most familiar faces of 1960s English stardom, from Michael Caine to Noel Coward, and Benny Hill to Irene Handl.


5. Pompeii

  • Whether your Italian holiday has its centre in Naples or in Sorrento, the historic site of Pompeii is only a few miles away and an obvious must-see.


6. Capri

  • The exotic and romantic isle of Capri has been the location for very many films, featuring some of the biggest stars in the industry – Sophia Loren (born in nearby Naples), Brigitte Bardot, Marcello Mastroianni and Claudia Cardinale.


Italy really is a treasure trove for film enthusiasts and an inspiring destination for artists. If you’re thinking about a holiday in Italy, either because you’ve been inspired to travel there by your favourite movie or simply because you’ve always dreamed about exploring the Italian culture, why not take a look at our Italy multi centre holidays for inspiration on where to travel and the best cities to combine for an unforgettable Italy holiday.

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