What a customised holiday means at Bellarome

If you’ve browsed our website you may have noticed that we specialise in customised holidays in Italy, which are tailor-made and personalised to our customers.

But what does this mean? 

When you enquire about a holiday with us, we ask you a range of questions, including when you want to go and how long you want to stay away, which airport you want to depart from, what star of hotel you would like to stay in and what your budget is. This helps us formulate a holiday that suits your exact needs.

For example, you may want to stay in 4-star accommodation but have a limited budget. If that’s the case, we can suggest hotels that are not as close to the main attractions, whilst ensuring that the hotel still has excellent transport links to all the main sights. We could also suggest that you take your holiday during the low season. If you are looking at multi-centres on a budget, we can suggest the cities that work well together when you have less to spend and we can make arrangements for you to take trains or buses between cities instead of private car transfers.

Alternatively, if you have a generous budget, we can suggest room upgrades at popular hotels in city-centre locations, private car transfers, first class train tickets and tours to ensure you see all the main sights in the best way.

Of course, we don’t need to know the exact amount of money you have budgeted for your holiday, but letting us know the approximate range means we can put together a holiday package for you that fits your plans and doesn’t disappoint you because it is more expensive than you wanted or doesn’t include all the extras that you hoped for.

Holidays should be a time for relaxation and we believe that booking your holiday should be stress-free too. Giving us as much detail as possible about your requirements, including your budget, helps us prepare the perfect holiday for you!

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