Where to Find Authentic Supplì in Rome

Supplì are fried rice balls that are typically eaten as a snack in Rome and are a great appetizer to enjoy with a glass of Aperol Spritz. They are usually made using risotto rice and are flavoured with fresh tomato sauce and cheese. We highly recommend enjoying them if you are visiting Rome, but you will also find them elsewhere in Italy, including in Sicily, where they are called “arancini”.

If you are visiting Rome soon and would like to try supplì, here is our guide to the best three places to enjoy them, which was put together by our travel experts that live in Rome itself, so you can be sure that you’re getting top tips from the locals.


Gatta Mangiona

GattaMangiona.jpgIt is certainly no easy decision to choose our top place for supplì in Rome but, after much consideration, we’re putting Gatta Mangiona in the top spot! It is actually famous for its pizza but also offers the classic rice balls. But what we love about the supplì from Gatta Mangiona is that they have a new take on the classic flavor with saffron and wild asparagus rice balls, as well as creamy gorgonzola and smoked herring. And it’s not just the supplì that take a turn from the classic as this pizzeria is also famous for its unusual pizza, including one that is decorated with edible flowers!

The pizzeria also has a specialist beer menu and a really fun and casual atmosphere, with a collection of cat figurines that adorn the walls of the restaurant (“gatta” in Italian means “cat”).

Where: La Gatta Mangiona, Via Federico Ozanam, 30-32 (in Monteverde).



sforno.jpgIf you find yourself in the Cinecittà area of Rome (not far from the huge Parco degli Acquedotti), we highly recommend sampling the traditional rice balls at Sforno. The restaurant has something of a cult following and you’re sure to find it in many Rome restaurant guides. It serves classic rice balls in a ragu sauce, but it also serves unusual varieties, such as white wine and roast pork, and cheese and bacon. The restaurant is owned by Stefano Callegari, who won Italy’s Masterched, and so it is a little more costly but, in our opinion, worth it.

As a traditional pizzeria, it is also has a lovely, authentic atmosphere, with checked table cloths and a chalk board with the specials. It also has a decent selection of Italian wines, as well as specialist beers.

Where: Sforno, Via Statilio Ottato, 110/116 (nearest Metro stop is Subaugusta)



sisini.jpgThis unassuming pizzeria is in the Appio Latino district of Rome and is very popular with the locals. It serves pizza by the slice and so is a popular choice for people looking for a quick something to eat or a take away. However, the supplì are the specialty here and we love that they are not heavy or greasy, but instead have a wonderfully soft texture and a light breadcrumb coating. They are also made with real mozzarella, giving them a traditional and decadent taste.

If you’re not staying near Appio Latino then there is another Sisini branch in the Trastevere district on Via San Francesco a Ripa.

Where: Sisini Pizzeria Blb, Piazza Re di Roma 20

Have you tried supplì in Rome or elsewhere in Italy? We'd love to hear your top spots for this delicious snack - let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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