Bari restaurants

Agriculture is prominent in Bari, and fresh tomatoes, cherries, artichokes, olives and almonds are easy to come by in this region. Bari is also passionate about its seafood and perfectly cooked fish dishes can be found on many of the city's restaurant menus.

As a popular holiday destination Bari has many restaurants that you can chose for your dining experience on your holiday in Bari. But you should be cautious to avoid the tourist traps that compromise quality and be sure you go to a restaurant that is going to give you the real Italian cuisine experience. Bari has many popular restaurants, so reservations are a must. The specialities of the city include stuffed peppers, handformed orecchiette, cavatelli and fricelli pasta, and fresh pizza.

At Bellarome our Italian specialists have sampled all the restaurants in Bari that we recommend, so we know that our suggestions are great quality and great value for money.

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Bari Ristorante Mercure Villa Romanazzi Carducci