Tropea restaurants

Food is the cornerstone of Calabrese culture and social life, and it's no different in Tropea. Restaurants, which are often family-run, tend to have a social and informal ambience and the food is universally fresh and enticing. The warm climate of this region means the local produce is particularly fine, such as the olives, citrus fruits, peaches, hazelnuts and the famous red onions, which are celebrated in Tropea at the "Red Onion Festival".

As a popular holiday destination Tropea has many restaurants that you can chose for your dining experience on your holiday in Tropea. But you should be cautious to avoid the tourist traps that compromise quality and be sure you go to a restaurant that is going to give you the real Italian cuisine experience. Tropea has many popular restaurants, so reservations are a must. The specialities of the resort include Sagna Chine, which is a lasagne made from artichokes and meatballs, and Zuppa di Cipolle, which is onion soup with a splash of Italian brandy. The city is also famous for its sundried vegetables and spicy dishes.

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