Sorrento cooking school day class

Learn the Secrets of Italian Cuisine on this Enjoyable Cooking Class

Type: Group cooking class
Duration: Approx. 4 hours
Availability: Daily between April 2nd and October 28th
Special information: Due to the possibility of cross-contamination, this activity is not suitable for those with food allergies.


Enjoy a fun half-day activity with this Sorrento cooking class

Italian cuisine is famous across the globe for its rich flavours and iconic dishes, including hand-thrown pizza and decadent pasta dishes. On this enjoyable half-day activity, you can learn the secrets of Italian cooking at an official cookery school and you will also have the opportunity to sample the dishes you have prepared with a rich lunch, where you can make new friends around the table.

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About the Cookery School in Sorrento & our Cooking Classes

The Sorrento Cooking School opened in 2004, becoming the first Italian school of cooking in Sorrento. It offers daily cooking lessons, which are taught in English and are perfect for amateur cooks or those simply wanting to enjoy a day learning about Italian flavours and ingredients. Since its opening, the school has been a big success, particularly with American and English travellers who want a hands-on experience in the company of a talented chef.

On this cooking class, participants can learn about traditional Italian dishes, such as pasta, pizza, fish and local typical desserts, and have the opportunity to prepare an authentic Italian meal, which you can then enjoy with your new friends that you are sure to make during the day.

Lessons are taught in English by our master chef with the help of an interpreter, and groups are always small and intimate, with a maximum of 14 participants at each lesson. The program will give you balanced knowledge about combining Italian flavours and techniques vital to preparing authentic dishes, allowing you to acquire the principal methods for dressing the plates, making the fresh dough for pasta, pizza and bread, and learning about fish and meat. You will finish by creating fresh and delicate pastry.

Program of the Day

10:00 The interpreter will provide a brief overview of the lesson, explaining the menu of the day and giving each participant a book of recipes, an apron and a shopping bag full of fresh ingredients.

11:00 First tasting of a pre-prepared appetizer (generally fritters) with a flute of prosecco wine before beginning the preparation of the other courses.

13:00 After preparing several dishes and learning all about Italian cuisine, the lesson comes to an end. Now you can sit down with your new friends at a big dining table to eat what has been prepared and enjoy local wine and limoncello liqueur made with Sorrento lemons as a digestive.

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Looking for a Vegetarian or Vegan Cooking Class in Sorrento?

This cooking class is also available exclusively for vegans and vegetarians and includes:

  • Welcome aperitif
  • First course of pasta and gnocchi
  • Second course of parmigiana or stuffed peppers
  • Dessert
  • Wine and limoncello tasting

As a part of the experience, you will learn the secrets of Italian cuisine, and how to select vegetables and fresh produce in your cooking. You will then learn how to make a fresh pasta or gnocchi dish, as well as parmigiana (for vegetarians) or stuffed peppers (for vegans).

At the end of your cooking class, you will be able to sit down and enjoy the dishes that you have helped create.

The class is available from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 1:00pm or from 5:00pm to 8:00pm. A minimum of two is required to book and the class size is a maximum of 12 people.