Ferrara restaurants

The cuisine of Ferrara relies on tradition, with simple and natural tastes blended in elaborate dishes to give truly special and enticing flavours. This is the region of Italy to head for if you enjoy pasta as you will find many variations on the standard pasta dishes that you can find elsewhere. As well as lasagne and cappelletti (a local variant of the more famous tortellini), cappellacci, which is a filled pasta dish with squash and parmesan cheese, is very popular.

As a popular holiday destination Ferrara has many restaurants that you can chose for your dining experience on your holiday in Ferrara. But you should be cautious to avoid the tourist traps that compromise quality and be sure you go to a restaurant that is going to give you the real Italian cuisine experience. Ferrara has many popular restaurants, so reservations are a must. The specialities of the resort include anything to do with pasta, such as passatelli, which is prepared with a dough of breadcrumbs, eggs and parmesan cheese to produce large and savoury strands, pasticcio di maccheroni (a type of maccaroni pie with mushrooms and a white sauce), salama da sugo (dried pork meat flavoured with wine and spices) and pampepato, which is a popular Ferrarese cake that tastes like a spiced chocolate bread. It is typically enriched with lots of almonds and candied fruit, and topped with a thick layer of melted chocolate.

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Ferrara Ristorante L'Antico Giardino