Rome Ristorante Antica Trattoria Due Colonne

If you are a lover of fish and seafood, Antica Trattoria Due Colonne is a must. Recently opened, it is owned and run by one of Rome's great waiters and maître d's, Antonio Francesco Donato, who finally decided to start his own easting establishment and has enlisted his family to help out (his wife's own tiramisu recipe, made with pistachios, is divine). The restaurant is modestly decorated and the food is outstanding in every respect. Service is excellent; Donato has the habit of calling all his female customers, ‘principessa,' and treats them as such. Specialities include baked sea bass and an unending variety of fish and seafood appetizers, succulent shrimp from Sicily, lemony tuna carpaccio, ice-cold oysters, when available, and steamed mussels and clams, to name a few. Antica Trattoria Due Colonne also offers meat dishes and traditional Roman pasta dishes, but it's the fish that makes this restaurant special. Prices are extremely reasonable, a fraction of what other top-end Roman seafood restaurants charge. As if that wasn't enough, Antica Trattoria Due Colonne is less than a stone's throw from one of the most beautiful small Baroque piazzas in Rome, the 18th-century Piazza di Sant Ignazio, designed by Filippo Raguzzini to resemble a theatrical stage.  Brightly lit at night, you will feel as if you are on a set. As you leave the restaurant, turn left and stroll through the square.

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