Rome Ristorante Taverna Le Coppelle

Ristorante Taverna Le Coppelle is located in the San Eustachio area of central Rome, just a 2 minute walk from the famous Pantheon. This characteristic restaurant offers traditional Roman cuisine, with the speciality of the house being the delicious pizzas cooked in a wood oven. The restaurant also offers great quality meat, vegetables and a wide choice of tasty traditional pasta dishes.

Bellarome's opinion:

Ristorante Taverna Le Coppelle is tucked away in one of the quiet little alleys of the San Eustachio area, away for the busy tourist areas. Many locals eat here, so you get a real Roman experience when you visit this restaurant, with Italian conversations providing a pleasant background noise for a deliciously authentic meal. The pizzas are among the best in Rome and the pasta dishes are also of a very high standard. We suggest you go to Taverna Le Coppelle is you want a delicious authentically Roman meal for a reasonable price.

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