Rome bike tours

Explore Rome by Bike on a Guided Tour

Type: Shared tour options available; routes for all abilities
Duration: 4 to 7 hours (dependent on route)
Special information: Electronic bikes are available

Rome has recently been making efforts to pedestrianise popular tourist regions of the city, making it easier for holidaymakers to get about, particularly by bicycle (click here for more details).


Our Rome by bike tour options

We offer four different tour options that allow you to discover Rome at a gentle pace (please see details below). Our tours run daily with an English-speaking guide/leader and private tours or tours outside of Rome are also available on request.

1. Rome City Center
This tour includes the main monuments of the old town center, such as the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Piazza Venezia and Capitol Hill. It also includes the alleyways around Campo dei Fiori and Trastevere, which are particularly pretty.

Suits: Those who are in Rome for a short time and what to see as much as possible. The difficulty level of this tour is very low, making it accessible to most people.
Duration: 4 hours
Price: £39 per pax

2. Rome Day Tour
This in-depth day tour gives you ample time to enjoy the old town center and, in addition to the typical monuments that are included on the City Center tour, this bike ride also takes you to Villa Borghese. It is also possible to have lunch in a typical Rome restaurant and taste ice cream in one of the panoramic squares.

Suits: Those that have a little more time to discover Rome. Note that an E-bike can be requested to make the ride less tiring but this tour will be more suitable for active enthusiasts.
Duration: 7 hours
Price:  £99 per pax (lunch included)

3. Panoramic Rome
It may surprise you to know that Rome has a total of seven hills, from where you can take in the spectacular view of the old town center. This panoramic hill-riding tour allows you the best views of the Colosseum, Celio Hill, Aventino Hill and Circus Maximus, Bocca della Verità (the Mouth of Truth), Tiber Island, Trastevere, the Janiculum, Saint Peter’s Square, Castel S. Angelo (the Mausoleum of Hadrian), Navona Square, Pantheon, Ghetto, Capitol Hill.

Suits: Those who have been to Rome before and are familiar with the most famous monuments but want to take them in from a different viewpoint. As this is a hill-riding bike tour, it best suits active enthusiasts; however, the main hill (the rise to the Janiculum) is taken slowly and you can walk.
Duration: 4,5 hours
Price: £45 per pax

4. Rome Afternoon Tour
The itinerary for this tour is similar to that of Panoramic Rome, but it does not include the Janiculum and the stop at Saint Peter's Square and so suits those who would prefer a more gentle afternoon bike ride.

Suits: Those who have already seen the main monuments and wish to see them from a different viewpoint. The difficulty level is low and so this tour can be enjoyed by most.
Duration: 4 hours
Price: £39 per pax

If you would like to book this package or you would like us to arrange any customised package or tour for you, please call one of our dedicated team on 01223 637331 or Click here to send us an enquiry.

*E-bikes can be reserved for an additional fee of £5 per person.