Rome Borghese Gallery and Gardens tour

Enjoy a Guided Tour of One of Rome's Most Beautiful Areas, Featuring Artistic Masterpieces & Manicured Gardens

Type: Small group tour
Duration: 3 hours


Guided tour of the Borghese Gallery and Gardens

The Borghese Villa is one of Rome's richest and most interesting villas and the Gallery houses a vast and diverse collection of sculptures and paintings produced by masters, such as Bernini, Canova, Caravaggio and Titian. It is a truly magical setting in which the beauty of the artworks, fountains and monuments combine with the rich and diverse flora of the vast surrounding park.

This guided tour covers more of the Borghese Gallery and Gardens than any other tour, giving you the opportunity to discover this beautiful area of Rome in depth with an expert and knowledgeable guide. We ensure your tour group is no bigger than 20, so that you can freely engage in the discussion of the art and discover the real stories behind the pieces with stories from your guide. This tour also allows you to skip the line with guaranteed entrance to the Borghese Gallery, which books out far in advance to the public.

This is a wonderful Rome tour if you want to see a little more of Classic Rome, including iconic works of art in a refined gallery, glorious Classic Rome architecture and manicured gardens featuring vibrant Mediterranean flowers and decadent fountains. We recommend it to couples and families visiting Rome, as well as school groups looking for an educational experience in the heart of the Eternal City.


Tour itinerary

On this tour, your guide will lead you through the breath-taking rooms of the Borghese Gallery and reveal the secrets, stories and techniques behind the masterpieces. Then, you will go for an enchanting walk through the Borghese Gardens and enjoy the surprises and silence of this Eden in the heart of busy Rome. The tour ends with a breath-taking view from atop the Pincio Terrace.

As a part of this Borghese Gallery tour, you will visit:

  • Caravaggio Room (St Jerome, David with the Head of Goliath)
  • Bernini sculptures (Apollo & Daphne, David)
  • Canova sculpture (Pauline Bonaparte)
  • Works by Raphael (The Deposition, Lady with Unicorn)
  • Perugino (Madonna & Child)
  • Rubens (The Deposition)
  • Titian (Sacred and Profane Love)

For the Villa Borghese Gardens tour, you will see:

  • Casino dell'Uccelliera
  • Fontana dei Puppazzi
  • Piazza di Siena
  • Tempietto di Diana
  • Obelisco di Antonio
  • Views over Piazza del Popolo
This is a truly special experience for anyone interested in art, or simply for those wanting a relaxing tour in the heart of Rome.

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