Rome Colosseum VIP underground and top tier tour

Enjoy an Exclusive Tour of the Colosseum with Restricted Access for a VIP Experience

Type: Small group and private tour options available
Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes
Availability: Please enquire - this is a limited availability tour
Special information: Please note that, for preservation reasons, this tour is not always available - in the case of unavailability, an alternative will be offered. Please note that it is not permitted to take bulky bags or backpacks into the Colosseum for security reasons.


Guided tour of the lower level of the Colosseum (hypogeum) and the upper tier (third level) with VIP access

As well the entry to the Colosseum, this exclusive tour permits you access to the hypogeum, which is the area beneath the arena where gladiators and animals waited for their turn to fight. A visit to see this restricted-access space in the Colosseum is said to be the only way to really feel the ancient games come to life and appreciate the mindset of the gladiators.

On this limited availability tour, you'll explore the ghostly underground space, as well as the upper tier third level of the Colosseum with one of our expert guides, who will bring the arena to life through captivating stories. This tour also includes a visit to the Roman Forum, which was once a place of untold political and cultural influence. Your guide will tell you all the tales of love, betrayal and larger-than-life characters, including Caesar, Cleopatra and Mark Antony etc), giving you a glimpse back in time to see how it all would have looked 2000 years ago.

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