Rome Ghosts and Restless Souls Evening Tour

A Spooky Evening Tour of Rome's Haunted Corners

Type: Small group tour
Duration: 2 hours


Scare yourself with a spooky and fright-filled evening tour of Rome's haunted streets

Between history, legend and fantasy, this tour takes you on a journey through the ghosts that inhabit the Eternal City and is the perfect tour for scary-movie fans, as well as teenagers and families.

The Italian capital is said to be haunted by occult presences and this tour takes you on an unusual path through the city to the most haunted buildings and alleys. As you listen to your expert tour guide tell gripping stories of the spirits that wander Rome you may just be able to hear the footsteps of the city ghosts all around you!


Tour itinerary

The route takes you to:

  • St Peter's Basilica, where the ghost of Julius Caesar is rumoured to roam late at night.
  • Castel Sant'Angelo to feel the eerie presence of the ghosts of Beatrice Cenci and Mastro Titta. Many people were executed at Castel Sant'Angelo and it is not unusual to hear their cries rising again from the ancient stones of the Castle. The most famous is certainly that of Beatrice Cenci, a young and beautiful Roman noblewoman, who was beheaded for the murder of her abusived father. If you're (un)lucky, you may see the ghost of Mastro Titta, the famous Roman executioner, who walks along the alleyways of the city at dawn. He is said to have killed 516 people from 1796 to 1864.
  • The Pantheon has played host to a number of "supernatural" events over the years. In 609 AD, the Pantheon was converted into the Church of Santa Maria and the Martyrs. As soon as the building was blessed, legions of terrifying devils, who had lived there undisturbed for centuries, emerged and screeched out of the central opening in the dome. They would never return to the Pantheon but you may find them lurking in the alleyways around the city!

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