Rome Mamertine Prison tour

Discover an Ancient Prison on this Audio-guide Tour

Type: Audio-guided tour with a tour assistant
Duration: 40 minutes
Special information: We recommend church-appropriate attire for this tour (no shorts, miniskirts or uncovered shoulders please)


Audio-guided multimedia tour of the Maritime Prison with a tour assistant

The Mamertine Prison or Tullianum was a prison in the Roman Forum in Ancient Rome. It was located on the northeastern slope of the Capitoline Hill, facing the Curia and the imperial forum of Nerva, Vespasian and Augustus.

It has been closed to the public for many years because of archaeological excavations that have brought to light important new aspects, but guests in Rome now have the wonderful opportunity of exploring the the Mamertine Prison on an audio-guided tour that unveils the Roman Forum's ancient roots through an avant-garde experiential journey. On this exciting tour, which is an excellent choice for school children on an educational trip to Rome, you will be accompanied by a tour assistant as you listen to an in-depth audio-guide and follow an intriguing multimedia route around the prison.

This tour is a great choice for families looking for educational activities for the children, as well as school groups visiting Rome. It is an equally interesting treat for anyone interested in the iconic history of the Roman Empire.


Tour itinerary

The tour starts at the entrance and descends into the Chapel of St Peter in Prison, which was dedicated to the veneration of St Peter. As you continue, you will visit the Tullian Prison where you will discover a large virtual room with a representation of the Church of St Peter in Chains. The story continues by recounting the life of St Peter, narrated through images that depict the immense iconic corpus linked to this figure. Then the ancient walls of Rome will be visited, where the group will pass over a footbridge and excavations of the ruins of the ancient walls of the city. Finally, the tour will enter the Chapel of the most Holy Cross, where the group will enter a small chapel with a beautiful shining crucifix.

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