Tivoli Villa d'Este and Hadrian's Villa tour

Discover the Contrasting Styles of Two of Tivoli's Most Famous Villas

Type: Small group tour (private options available)
Duration: 4 hours 30 minutes
Availability: Daily, except national holidays
Special information: We recommend comfortable footwear


Compare two very splendid villas from two different ages with a guided tour of Hadrian's Villa and Villa d'Este

This combined tour of Hadrian's Villa and Villa d'Este allows you to visit and compare two very splendid villas from two different ages, whilst admiring tranquil views of the Roman countryside and enjoying Italian-style gardens in the warm sunshine.


About this tour

Hadrian's Villa (Villa Adriana) dates back to Roman times, while Villa d'Este is from the Renaissance period, and this tour follows a chronological order, starting at Villa Adriana at the foot of the Tiburtini Hills. The ruins of this villa echo the grandeur and beauty of the original Roman residence, which was built by Emperor Hadrian to remind him of the monuments and sites he had admired during his travels in the East.

After discovering the history of Villa Adriana, the tour continues into Renaissance times, with a stop at Villa d'Este - one of the most beautiful residences of times gone by. The villa's countless fountains, set in the heart of magnificent Italian-style gardens, create a delightfully graceful symphony of carved stone, shade, sunlight and water that you can enjoy on this combined Villa Adriana and Villa d'Este tour.

This tour includes:

  • a pick up from your hotel
  • entry to the villas
  • a guided tour of both sites
  • transportation between the villas and
  • a drop off back at your hotel

However, if you have a limited budget or it is your preference, then we can offer transportation and entry tickets only, allowing you to discover the villas at your own pace.

If you have booked a Tivoli or Rome holiday package with us and would like to add this tour to your package, or you would like us to arrange any customised tour for you, please call one of our dedicated team on (UK) 01223 637331 or (US) 1-347-594-5500, or Click here to send us an enquiry.