Viterbo restaurants

Viterbo cuisine as a whole takes on the flavours of the neighbouring regions so you will find influence from Rome, Umbria and Tuscany. The regio is particularly known for its extra-virgin olive oil, tender manzetta maremmana (which is a special cut of local meat), the hearty lentil dishes and the Corego fish from Lake Bolsena.

As a popular holiday destination Viterbo has many restaurants that you can chose for your dining experience on your holiday in Viterbo. But you should be cautious to avoid the tourist traps that compromise quality and be sure you go to a restaurant that is going to give you the real Italian cuisine experience. Viterbo has many popular restaurants, so reservations are a must. The specialities of the resort include include acquacotta, which is prepared with homemade dried bread and wild vegetables, lamb soup, which is enriched with a variety of vegetables, artichokes and potatoes, a range of fish soups flavoured with mint and homemade pasta with only two ingredients - flour and water!

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Viterbo Ristorante Il Grottino