Lake Como Ristorante La Brea

Ristorante La Brea is located on Via Provinciale in Localita Muronico. It is divided into four dining areas: the Parlour, the Fireplace Room, the Lower Room and the Upper Room. There's also a smaller, near-private room called "sweethearts' corner", which is very popular for Valentine's Day and is the perfect spot if you're planning a special night out. There is also a stunning outdoor dining terrace, which is perfect for summer nights.

The restaurant is family-run by the Giobbi family and the head chef is Valter Pellizzaro, who is famous locally for his modern interpretation of traditional dishes. A fabulous example is Pellizzaro's Carrotgnocchi, which is made with potatoes and carrots to make a lovely alternative to the classic!

The menu at Ristorante La Brea changes with the season, ensuring that the dishes are always made by the freshest produce. Dishes of note are the risotto "La Brea", made with saffron and porcini sauce and the tuna fillet with sesame seeds and scallion sauce.

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