Milan Ristorante Noblesse Oblige

Ristorante Noblesse Oblige's cuisine has deep roots in the Mediterranean tradition, but also strong international touches. The restaurant offers creativity, refinement and authentic pleasure in preparing our creations, a warm welcome and cheerful service. Ristorante Noblesse Oblige seats about 60 people indoors and 15 people outside, on the summer patio. The place is fully air conditioned with low lights and warm colours for total comfort. The restaurant was opened by chef Paolo Chiara. Noblesse Oblige, the restaurant's name, was chosen to express its founder's true intentions, namely: to create a restaurant in which excellent service and sophisticated cuisine are a must. Ristorante Noblesse Oblige offers only seasonal dishes with high quality products, carefully chosen by the chef. The preference is for short cooking times and scarce seasonings, in order to emphasise the scents and flavours of each creation. The head chef is Paolo Chiara, known professionally as Paul Kler, was born in Milan in 1972. Paolo grew up with his mother and grandmother, who were frequently busy in the kitchen to cater to the hunger of the many friends and relatives that used to visit them. A visit to Ristorante Noblesse Oblige is a wonderful enhancement to the experience of a trip to Milan.

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