Milan Ristorante Piazza Repubblica

The Piazza Repubblica Restaurant is an appreciated and well consolidated reality which distinguishes itself for it's ability and attention in welcoming Guests, offering them an impeccable service, a polished and attentive menu, all accompanied by a vast and excellent choice of wines and beers. On entering the hall, we feel enveloped in a warm and welcoming environment, a balanced union of elegance and vivacity, studied with care by Giorgio, Marco, Matteo Bernasconi and Maurizio Vaglia under the professional direction of the Manager Edi.The first are brothers, but all are friends, the team distinguishes itself by the genuine love it has always nurtured for the art of convivality and eating well. Directing in the kitchen we have Pietro Penna, pupil of the Maestro Sergio Mei who with his sous Fabio Grassitelli blends with flair typical dishes from the Milanese and Mediterranean tradition, alongside the most noble products of soil and water which the market offers us daily. In partnership with M.G.M., Ristorante Piazza Repubblica offers a distinguished and unforgettable menu based on the White Truffle. A good dish doesn't have to be overly elaborate, and this is wonderfully demonstrated in the simplicity of the dishes served up by Chef Pietro Penna and his team, which are enhanced magnificently with the flavours the "Prince" of cuisine: the White Truffle. For true connoisseurs, it's like listening to an orchestra. The individual aromas don't overlap: each plays a part in creating a perfect symphony of flavours.

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