Molise holidays

Step Off the Beaten Track with a Tailor-made Molise Holiday

The Molise region in the south of Italy is the second smallest of the regions in Italy. It was formerly (until 1963) part of the region of Abruzzi e Molise (a combined region with Abruzzo), but is now a separate entity. The region covers 4,438 square kilometres and has a population of just 300,000 inhabitants. Molise is the newest Italian region and is administratively divided into two provinces: Campobasso, the regional capital, and Isernia. It comprises 136 municipalities, most of them very small, and each unique and definitely worth a visit.

With its charming towns and wild landscapes, a Molise holiday is the perfect opportunity to step off the beaten track and discover the heart of Italian culture. The most popular tourist destination, although still undiscovered, is Campobasso. Here you can discover fresh Italian cuisine as the city is known for its juicy pears and decadent scamorza cheese. There is also plenty of architecture to enjoy on your customised Molise holiday, such as the Castle and a Pagan temple. To find out more about our Campobasso holidays, please click below.