Messina restaurants

When you think of Sicilian cuisine, your mind may conjure up images of fresh seafood and fish, and rightly so. However, Messina is actually most famous for its patisseries and unbeatable gelato! Cannoli (little pastry tubes filled with ricotta and candied fruit) and pignolata (a cake made with lard, eggs, sugar, lemon and chocolate) are paticular local favourites. But don't be put off if sweet treats are not your thing - the city is also known for its love of fish dishes and vegetables, such as aubergines, which always have a place on Sicilian menus.

As a popular holiday destination Messina has many restaurants that you can chose for your dining experience on your holiday in Messina. But you should be cautious to avoid the tourist traps that compromise quality and be sure you go to a restaurant that is going to give you the real Sicilian cuisine experience. Messina has many popular restaurants, so reservations are a must. The specialities of the resort include cannoli, brioche (a breakfast favourite, served with strawberry granita), la pasta ‘ncaciata (which is pasta served with meat, melted cheese and boiled eggs), swordfish slowly baked in a rich tomato sauce and served with potatoes and capers and caponatina, which is made with local aubergine.

At Bellarome our Sicilian specialists have sampled all the restaurants in Sicily that we recommend, so we know that our suggestions are great quality and great value for money.

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Messina Ristorante Alberto