Pisa Ristorante Hostaria Le Repubbliche Marinare

For more than ten years, Ristorante Hostaria Le Repubbliche Marinare has been reaching in its cuisine a perfect harmony among creativity, tradition and an expert choice of selected fresh produce. Ristorante Hostaria le Repubbliche Marinare was opened on 25th October 1998. The present owner, Beppe, took over in 2000 when two of the founders left and in 2007 became the sole proprietor. Beppe renewed the food and wine offer according to his own tastes and ideas, supported by his partner and helped by two young and motivated chefs (Alessio Bondielli and Dulal Hossan). In January 2011 the Pizzeria closes completely dedicated himself to the Restaurant with all his passion and commitment as possible. We mainly offer our guests a typical maritime cuisine, combining tradition and innovation, but never altering our first rule of extremely fresh ingredients. Our main concern is to offer an excellent selection of local meat and cheese paired with a rich wine list (more than 500 varieties) mostly composed by organic, biodynamic, naturally made wines with no chemicals. Not to mention the spirits and liqueurs menu (more than 200 varieties) and a pictured dessert menu daily offering a choice of 15 desserts or more, all beautifully served by the art of food presentation. The availability of the restaurant is about 45-50 people in one room fully accessible to wheelchair users. In summer places increase to about 65 because you can dine outdoors in the beautiful square in front of the room (square of the Ancient Maritime Republics baptized by the municipality at the request of Beppe) lit by torches and candles.

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