Siena Palio horse race tickets

Experience the Thrill of the Palio Horse Race in Siena

Type: Tickets only
Special information: Ticket availability is limited and we recommend booking as far in advance as possible.


The only way to guarantee your space at Il Palio is with pre-booked tickets

The Palio horse race in Siena is one of the region's most famous events and is an exhilarating 90-second bareback race around Piazza del Campo, which is the city's main square. This traditional competition, which takes place annually, sees a horse from ten of the districts of Siena compete with their riders for victory and the respect that winning this grand race ensures.

The event is exceptionally popular and the only way to guarantee your space at the race is with pre-booked tickets. At Bellarome, we have a number of possible ticket options, but please note that tickets sell out far in advance of the event and so we recommend that you enquire and book your tickets as far in advance as possible:

  • Balcony seats
  • Terrace views
  • Grand stand seats
  • Private window apartments

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*Please note that the cheaper tickets are for terrace and balcony views