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Verona is a popular tourist destination due to its artistic heritage, especially its famous festival of opera, which attracts some of the best singers of the modern age.

The Arena di Verona Festival is an annual summer festival of opera. Since 1936, it has been organized under the auspices of an official body, first the Ente Autonomo Spettacoli Lirici Arena di Verona, and then (following legislation in 1996 and 1998) the Ente Lirico Arena di Verona was transformed into a private foundation, the present-day Arena di Verona Foundation. Opera performances are given at Arena di Verona, an ancient Roman amphitheatre, which is capable of holding 30,000 spectators. Performances traditionally begin at dusk and spectators on the stone seats of the Arena bring small candles (the "mocoleto"), which are lit as darkness falls and the performances begin, creating a wonderfully romantic atmosphere.

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2017 Verona Opera Festival, Arena di Verona - 23rd June to 27th August 2017:
Performances include Nabucco, Aida, Madama Butterfly, Rigoletto and Tosca. There is a special gala with Plácido Domingo on 21st July and the Gala IX Symphony Beethoven is on 15th August. For more information about the Verona Opera and performances, visit

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