Vicenza sits at the northern base of the Monte Berico, on the Bacchiglione River. Vicenza is a thriving cosmopolitan city, with a rich history and culture. The city also offers many museums, art galleries, piazzas, villas, churches and elegant Renaissance palazzi. Vicenza is known as the 'City of Palladio' due to the impressive work by famous Italian architect Andrea Palladio during the Renaissance era. Vicenza is home to twenty-three buildings designed by Palladio, including Villa Almerico Capra, Basilica Palladiana, Teatro Olimpico and Palazzo Chiericati. Other attractions in Vicenza include the Cathedral of Vicenza, Church of Araceli, Santa Croce, Torre Bissara, Biblioteca Civica Bertoliana (Public Library) and Casa Pigafetta. It has been enlisted as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994. Vicenza is one of the country's wealthiest cities due to its textile and steel industries, which employ tens of thousands of people. Also much of Italy's gold and jewellery is made in Vicenza, greatly contributing to the city's economy. Another contributor to the booming ecomony is the engineering/computer components industry.

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