City weddings

Italy is home to some of the most recognisable cities in the world, which boast stunning architecture, as well as years of culture and history. Whether you see yourself cruising down the Venice Canal, posing for your photographs outside Rome's Colosseum or stunning your guests with the Renaissance architecture of Florence, Bellarome can assist you in finding the perfect city location for your wedding in Italy.

Bellarome has a multi-lingual team, who were either born and raised in Italy or have lived and travelled in Italy. We consequently have local knowledge about the best city wedding locations and we specialise in personalised trips, meaning we can help you plan the perfect dream day! 

Your wedding is one of the most special and important events of your life and Bellarome knows how important it is to get every detail perfect. We have a specialist Italy weddings team who can help you create a day that will not be forgotten by you or your guests, starting with sourcing the perfect city location.

If you would like Bellarome to put together a dream package for your wedding in Italy, please call one of our dedicated team on 01223 637331 or Click here to send us an enquiry.

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